Email your MP about fluoride

013Karl McCartney – MP for Lincoln – believes that “no ill effects have been identified” due to fluoridation.
Why not send him a letter explaining the health problems caused by fluoridation?

Here is his email address:

If you live in another area of Lincolnshire you can write to your MP easily through this website:

The county council are unable to look into this issue until at least 2028, why not try and get the message across through parliament?

History of Fluoridation in Lincoln


So, just further down are some web pages which will give you a lot of important background information to this fluoridation in and around Lincoln, really worth a read…

Fertiliser Factory.jpgfhfhdhdfhfd.jpg

(Factory where the fluorosilicic acid originally came from – Immingham)

Here are some links to websites made by a guy called Julian, who is really hillarious and must’ve spent a hell of a lot of time fighting fluoridation in Lincoln. Huge respect to him. (unfortunately he no longer lives in Lincoln)

(in depth history of how fluoridation came about in Lincoln)

(how much fluorosilicic acid was being produced by the local phosphate fertiliser factory)

(lots of great images, many related to fluoride in Lincoln)

(brief description of Julian’s fluoride experience in Lincoln)

(no words to describe this one… worth reading though)

Contacting your Councillors

Find your Lincolnshire County Councillor here:…

Arrange a meeting or email / ring them to let them know you don’t agree with toxic waste being put in your water.

Also contact your Ward Councillors and attend their surgeries.
(the website for finding your Ward Councillors varies depending on what part of Lincolnshire you live in, just search for it)

Chemicals used in UK water fluoridation

The chemicals being added to the water are not the same as naturally occurring fluoride:
Section 87C(2) of the Water Act 2003 permits the use of two chemical compounds to increase the fluoride content of water within an area subject to a fluoridation agreement. These compounds are:
Disodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) AKA sodium fluorosilicate; and
Hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) AKA fluorosilicic acid.

Say NO to Fluoridation in Lincolnshire!

Not all parts of Lincolnshire are fluoridated but some are, including Lincoln.
Please write to local and national politicians to ask them to stop water fluoridation.
Write to your local councilors, newspapers, health authorities, and anyone else you can think of!
Educate yourselves and tell your friends what is happening.
Fluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate are poisonous chemicals and there are no benefits to anyone’s health by putting them in our drinking water.
Your taxes are being spent on putting toxic chemicals in your water.

Anyone who studies the facts will see that fluoridation causes huge problems for health, environment and freedom.

Many places have successfully managed to get fluoride removed from their water, this is a campaign we can win… and we will

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